Yamation Glow in The Dark DTF Film - 8.5" x 11"inch 15 Sheets

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【Glow in the Dark】Yamation new glow-in-the-dark film is fully charged with sunlight or light, it can glow in the dark, and the longer it is charged, the brighter the image will be and the longer it will be bright.

【Brighter & Longer Lasting】This film uses a higher quality phosphor, and the amount of phosphor is also a lot, which can make the image brighter and longer lasting if you are picking Yamation glow-in-the-dark film, this is your best choice!

【Washable and Soft】The image transferred to the clothes is very strong, and can be machine washed and dried, and repeated pulling the image is not deformed and cracked, you can rest assured that the use. The image will be very soft and skin-friendly, and will not have a plastic feel.

【Glossy and Easy to Use】The non-printing side of this film is glossy, and the printing side has a rough surface with phosphor particles, which makes it very easy for you to distinguish between the printing film and the non-printing side. This DTF transfer film is suitable for any dtf printer or dtf printers that have been converted from printers such as the Epson, and you can be assured of its applicability. The size of these sheets is 8.5*11inch, 15 sheets.

【Compatible and Great Applicable】This direct-to-film transfer paper also has all the advantages of dtf printing, there is no limitation on fabric and color, you can apply it to any fabric, any color pattern can be printed, and any color clothes can be.


Answer:Regular printers cannot print on DTF unless they are retrofitted or modified to do so. There are also special DTF printers available for purchase from suppliers if you choose to go the simplest route. If you find that your printer is not compatible, we will provide you with 100% satisfactory service, any problem you encountered will be well-solved, even if the film has been used.

Answer:1. We have conveniently labeled the packaging for the film to state which side is printable.

2.The printable side is matte, while the non-printable side is glossy. The glossy side will look shiny and is very smooth to the touch.

3.And lastly, if you use a fingernail to scrape against the different sides, the printable side will give a louder, “thicker” sound because it is rougher,non-printable side sounds harsh.