Here is a compilation of frequently asked questions we receive about DTF printing.

Should I do my DTF maintenance every day?

Best form of maintenance is regular printing. DTF white ink still separates and will need a daily shake.It is easier to remove clogs with DTF ink because the ink does not clog up as much.  If you print every 2 days, all you will need to do is shake the ink and run an automatic printhead clean before printing.  If you plan on leaving your printer off for a few weeks or months, you will need to flush the lines, clean your printhead and leave it soaking in cleaning solution. 

What do I need to use the DTF Printers ? And what type of material DTF film could transfer?

  1. You need to use DTF inks that are specific for transfer film to be use on dark and light garment like 100% coton polyester , blends , spondex flex leather
  2. You need DTF transfer film, so the DTF inks are able to print and stay on it . DTF transfer film has a coated side that holds the inks. 
  3. You need  DTF powder, Without the DTF powder you will not be able to finish the DTF transfer or press the design.

Do I need a professional DTF Oven for Direct to Film Printing?

There are 6 ways you could cure the powder 

- Using a heat press 

- Using an oven 

- Using a heat gun 

- Using an infrared conveyor 

- Using o powder shoker mechine with oven 

- Using a flash dryer ( like the one used on screen printing )

Which printers can be used for DTF printing?

Any printer that prints with 5 or more colors. Older printers will be compatible with most types of print rip software and will have refillable ink systems. Additional colors will allow you to add white ink.

What printer do you recommend for DTF conversion?

Epson L1800 is most recommended by users. It has been well tested with DTF inks and performs well. It is easy to convert and does not need any special parts. Only downside is that it’s slower compared to other printers like the P600.

Is DTF soft?

The feel depends on the type of powder you use and the thickness of the ink layer. Yamation DTF powders have a better hand than traditional vinyl or other types of heat transfer. It is stretchy and soft to the touch.


Can DTF print on ANY colored garments?

No color restrictions. DTF transfers work well with both light and dark-colored garments, making them perfect for sportswear and athleisure. You can use the transfers for vibrant, multicolor designs not available on traditional heat transfers.


Is there any support for DTF?

Yes, we do online support via email or chat, you will get a reply in 24 hours from our professional customer team. Plus we also have a community group that can help with questions and tips.  

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I’m using an old HP inkjet printer that work well for all my Cricut needs but when I try to use the DTF It seem to bead up is there anything I could do to correct this problem.

Rebecca S Cordell

Powder not working on my inkjet copier. It is a CANON PIXMA. It is standard 4 color cartridges, no white. Do I need a different copier?

Paul Olivas

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