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Yamation is here support for your DTF printing bussiness!

About Yamation

Our Story

"Yay!" We couldn't help but cheer at the same time when we saw how DTF (Direct-To-Flim) worked for the first time.

Before this moment, we have witnessed the update and iteration of the industry. The printing solutions come and go with more or less lacking. Until the emergence of DTF, the way of printing that breaks the limit and makes imagination a reality, which has a wide range of usage and is no longer limited by fabrics and colors.

We get deeply inspired and decided to focus on the DTF business. So Yamation is here, aim to be a Pioneer of DTF.

Direct to film, Direct to you business. As a team that has been deeply involved in the digital printing business, we are well aware of people's needs and expectations.  Yamation provides the most cost-effective DTF supplies, including DTF transfer film, powder, ink, and more. We support delivery to the US, CA, UK and EU. You can find us everywhere--Amazon, official website, and multiple social media platforms.

Whether you are a custom business owner or just start your DTF journey, come and join us. Let's yay with DTF!

 Story from "Yay Yay" Ink Brothers

Name: Cain, Mann,Yann, Kahn
Birthday: August 8
Age: Secret
Famliy: Yamation INK Brothers
Dream: Legend of INK world

  • Impressed by Yamation's high-quality supplies and the spirit of continuous exploration, Yann and Mann led the ink brothers CMYK to work in Yamation.

  • The Ink Brothers bring a lot of help and happiness to Yamation's users. Every day, customers come to Yamation because of the excellent printing and transfer performance of the Ink Brothers.

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