CADlink Digital Factory 11 DTF Wide-Format & Chinese Printers (Online Activation Code) - Full Version


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High-volume production shops using wide format printers. Includes printer support A1 and larger (sheet) or 24″/60cm wide (roll) or larger.

Everything you need in a single Direct to Film (DTF) software package. With an unbeatable set of features, Digital Factory Direct To Film Edition includes a combination of file preparation, color management, and production automation tools. This package supports one printer port, contact your sales representative or CADlink for additional port options


- Online Activation Code to make the trial software (installer) full version. This is an Activation Code for the Full Version of the software.
- Queue-based RIP and custom print modes let you automate your print workflows.
- Automatic generation of blank overprint (no need to configure in the design program).
- “KnockMeBlackOut”, black, white, and other color removals from the design.
- Work with virtually any common file format: pdf support. Also supports PNG, SVG, JPG, AI, EPS, BMP, and TIF.
-Unique white ink handling: white ink is automatically managed based on
transparency within the design.
- Send to plugins for Corel, Photoshop, and Ai.
- Custom image editing tools, filters, and effects, including GIMP (similar to Photoshop) included.
- Large image resampling filter.
- Single copy, tile, and step and repeat functions.
- Ability to add halftone effects as well as holes and stripes for better garment combinations (similar to white toner transfer printing).
- Hot folder and barcode support for automation/production.
- Color replacement tool and spot color support.
- CMYK + RGB workflows are supported.
- WindowsTM 11 and 10 support (64-bit).
- Worldwide language support using Unicode.
- Plus more features

Supported Wide Format Epson Printers (24" inches and up) :

Epson 78xx (xx means numbers, sample 7800)
Epson 98xx (xx means numbers, sample 9880)
Epson 7890
Epson 9890
Epson 9900
Epson P6000
Epson P9000
Epson P7000

Chinese DTF Printers (13", 17", and 24" inches) and others

*Contact CADlink to learn more about available printer models. 

** NOTE ** Works only with Windows 8 / 10 / 11 (for Apple products you need to have Parallel to run virtual Windows and then CADLink)

Important Notice: This product is already discounted and cannot be further discounted using any discount codes. We will contact you to process a refund if an order is placed with a discount code applied. Thank you for being so understanding.