Yamation DTF Powder - White 35.2oz / 1kg - Medium - DTF Adhesive Powder/DTF Transfer Powder

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    • 【Strong Adhesion and Reliable Fastness】Yamtation rubber powder is made of 100% high purity of polyurethane, wich provides high performanced melt viscidity for direct transfer printing on textile. Do not worry about the patterns' peeling which print on various fabrics and making complete print transferring easily.
    • 【Uniform Particle and Soft Feel】More uniform particle the powder is softer the patterns on the garments are. Based on precised 120 mesh equal particle manufacturing, Yamation DTF powder adhesive keep the garments softness which offer more comfortable wearing.
    • 【Durable Washable and Remarkable Flexibility】Meeting the washable stantards and resistant to both wash and dry washing. The character excellent flexibility of DTF transfer powder keeps textiles' printings away from crack and deformation, even when someone pulls or twists the T-shirts.
    • 【Bright Colors and Vivid Pattern】Our DTF Pretreat Powder has a higher hot melting temp which is within 266℉-320℉ while melting time is supposed to between 2min-5min. Thus, the printings on the film and garments won't apear spot or shrinkage cavity that make the pattern more shiny and glorious.
    • 【Widely Application and Easy Storage】Yamation DTF Printer Powder not only works with all DTF printer machines and PET film, but also supports apply to many material like cotton, leather, nylon, lycra and so on. Please store DTF transfer powder in a cool, dry environment to maintain good performance.
    • Caution: Before handling DTF powder, wear masks and gloves properly and maintain good ventilation in your workspace. If an allergic reaction persists or is accidentally ingested, seek medical help immediately.


Answer:Regular printers cannot print on DTF unless they are retrofitted or modified to do so. There are also special DTF printers available for purchase from suppliers if you choose to go the simplest route. If you find that your printer is not compatible, we will provide you with 100% satisfactory service, any problem you encountered will be well-solved, even if the film has been used.

Answer:1. We have conveniently labeled the packaging for the film to state which side is printable.

2.The printable side is matte, while the non-printable side is glossy. The glossy side will look shiny and is very smooth to the touch.

3.And lastly, if you use a fingernail to scrape against the different sides, the printable side will give a louder, “thicker” sound because it is rougher,non-printable side sounds harsh.